National Component

This includes mapping, delineation and demarcation of hazard lines, coastal sediment cells, and ecologically sensitive areas (ESAs) all along the coast of India. This will define the boundaries of the coastal zone and incorporate the effects of recurrent coastal hazards, including, potential incremental hazards effects induced by climate change in the ICZM plans. And establishing a new national institute for sustainable coastal zone management-NCSCM.

This component will also support Capacity Building and Project Management which will include the staffing and management of the National Project Management Unit (NPMU), ensure adequate financial and resource management systems, implementation of the communication plan and Right to Information related activities, and monitoring and evaluation studies.


Gujarat State Component

The Gulf of Kachchh has been identified as the ICZM project in Gujarat. The pilot investments are designed to demonstrate integrated management of ecological, economic and social concerns in the Gulf of Kachchh (a stretch of 180km or 10 percent of the Gujarat coast). This component will also support pilot investments in:

  1. Conservation and protection of coastal resources including mangrove and coastal shelterbelt plantation, coral reef regeneration, and establishment of a marine resource information and conservation centre
  2. Environment and pollution management by completing the sewerage system for Jamnagar City to prevent further degradation of the coral reefs
  3. Livelihood security of coastal communities including ecotourism and related livelihood improvement activities in the coastal villages within and outside forest areas

State Projects in Gujarat – Gulf of Kachchh

  • State Project Management Unit
  • ICZM Plan, SPMU
  • Coastal geo-spatial information system
  • Socio-economic development of villages
  • Mangrove restoration
  • Mangrove restoration, Marine National Park
  • Mangrove-coral reef regeneration, MNP
  • Marine oceanarium
  • Ecotourism& livelihood improvement
  • Coral transplantation
  • Underground sewerage system, JMC
  • Monitoring of Gulf of Kuchh, GPCB


Orissa State Component

The coastal stretches along Paradeep Damra Gopalpur Chilka have been identified for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management programs in Orissa. These two areas contain a large vulnerable population dependent on coastal resources. The pilot investments will include:

  1. Conservation and protection of coastal resources including the olive ridley turtle and other aquatic wildlife as well as an embankment at Pentha village
  2. Environment and pollution management system by completing the solid waste management system for the coastal town of Paradip
  3. Livelihood security of coastal communities including allied farming support in 60 villages near Chilika and Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary

State Projects in Orissa : Paradeep–Dhamra and Gopalpur-Chilka

  • State Project Management Unit
  • ICZM plan preparation
  • Regional coastal studies
  • Capacity building wetland species research, CDA
  • Construction of embankment at Pentha Village
  • Capacity building Orissa State Pollution Control Board
  • Fisheries based livelihood option
  • Conservation archaeological and cultural assets (8 sites)
  • Construction of Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters
  • Livelihood Improvement through alternate option
  • Tourism-based livelihood opportunity
  • Establishment of solid waste landfill
  • Mangroves Plantation and Protection of Wildlife
  • Ecotourism Bhitarkanika, Gahirmatha, Chilika


West Bengal State Component

In West Bengal, the areas identified for ICZM are Digha Shankarpur and Sagar Island in Sunderbans. Pilot investments will complement the ICZM plan and include:

  1. Conservation and protection of mangrove and coastal shelterbelt plantation
  2. Pilot works in coastline protection in Digha Beach and the southern end of Sagar Island
  3. 100% household electrification in Sagar; development of a marine aquarium, a research centre and a post harvest handling and fish action centre in Digha
  4. Promotion of afforestation, small scale eco-tourism activities to boost livelihood
  5. Providing cyclone shelters in coastal villages

State Projects in West Bengal - Sagar Island, Digha - Shankarpur

  • State project management unit
  • ICZM plan preparation, SPMU
  • Capacity building, E&F department and SPMU
  • Development of ecotourism
  • 100 % household electrification in Sagar
  • Afforestation programme towards coastal protection
  • Marine aquarium cum research centre, Digha,
  • Renovation of sanitary sewerage scheme for Digha area
  • Post harvest handling and fish auction centre at Digha Mohana
  • Beach cleaning& sanitation, beach beautification
  • Solid waste management
  • Development of drainage system
  • Livelihood improvements & market access in Sagar Island
  • Capacity building for remote sensing & GIS laboratory
  • Capacity building for ICZM with regard to climate change studies
  • Construction of cyclone shelter facilities in Sunderban


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